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Summer Reading Begins!


It is that time of the year that Librarians love - Summer Reading!   An Ocean of Possibilities Awaits!

We love it, because we get to see all of our little friends come into the library and have a great time picking out books, looking at prizes, watching performers and creating at STEAM programs! 

First - Come in and sign up for the SRP! 

Second - We'll give you an octopus to put your name on and then you put it on the big board! 

Retiring, Hiring, Art and THE Plant Sale

Today's blog post is Short and Sweet! (not me, I'm tall-ish and grumpy!)

First, we say goodbye to Rena Hurst - retiring after 10years of service!

Rena was hired after being a volunteer when I was hired, 10 years ago.  She has proven to be a n amazing asset to the library and started many of the things we now take for granted: Storytime Kits, Craft Kits, and the Card Maker's Club to name just 3!  She will be missed! 

Bon Voyage Rena!

New Hire!


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