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We need your stuff!

This summer we have a few things going on that will require stuff to build! 

We need:

empty 2 liter pop bottles  (to make aqua rockets)

paper towel or wrapping paper tubes (to make rainsticks)

Please drop them off at the library!

Young Readers Book Clubs Return!

I'm so happy to announce the return of the Young Readers Book Clubs.  We have two book clubs that will meet 3 times during the summer - June July and August/  Always on a Thursday afteroon, the Younger Readers (7-10 years old) will meet from 3-4 pm and the Young Readers (11-14) will meet from 4-5 pm on the same day.  Snacks will be available, and the book selections will be available from the library soon.  Our awesome Volunteer and Friend of the Library, Linda Tappa, will be hosting the book clubs. 



Magical Summer of Learning!

Welcome to another fun summer at your library!  This year, we've decided to name it the Magical Summer of Learning, because we have a few magicians performing and  reading makes your life magical!   Every Tuesday we'll be offering some walk-in STEAM programs to stimulate young minds and hands!  Sign up begins Monday, June 9.  The first performance by Nicky Fynn, Silent Vaudeville Magician will be Thursday June 9 at 1:45 pm!  Most other shows are at 2pm on Thursdays!

Pick up a schedule in the library or there are some posted around the village.


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