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It's the Annual Christmas Treasure Sale!!!!

Mark your calendars, start your engines... go!  It's that time of year, the Friends of the Patterson Memorial Library are hosting the Annual Christmas Treasure Sale this Saturday, November 19 (opening day of gun season) from 9am-Noon.

You know the sale and love it, remarkable bargains on ornaments and donated items, all at rock-boittom prices!  Outifit your home and tree for just a few dollars!  There will also be delicious home-baked goods from the best local bakers and used books from our Friends Book Sale area!

The Falling Leaves...

Lots Going On!

Canners Wanted!!!!!!

We are trying to get a group together who would like to water bath can some food items at Front Porch Pets.  They have a huge commercial kitchen and commercial size blanchers, which would be perfect for sterilizing jars and water bath canning!  Let me (Kent), know asap if you're interested!  We need to do this soon!

Halloween Trick or Treat will be from 3-5 pm on Sunday, October 30, in the Village of Wild Rose and Springwater Township (the Subdivision).


It's end of the summer cooking time!

It's sometimes hard to cook for just a few people!!!!   August 9 at 1 pm come on over to the Library/Community Center and enjoy the program "Cooking for One or Two!"

The UWEX will be here to teach us how to convert recipes, make"planned-overs", and give us some grteat ideas on cooking smaller meals.

August 31, come to the "Cheap Eats" program, where we'll make ricotta cheese - yes - we'll make it right in the community center - then we'll use it to create lots of simple recipes, without a lot of expense, but with a ton of flavor!


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