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Annual Mother's Day Plant, Book and Bake Sale is here!

Happy Mother's Day!

That's right -the annual Mother's Day Plant, Book and Bake Sale is coming up - and you won't wqant to miss the fun!

All the women in your life will be ecstatic when you give them a beautiful 12" potted plant this Mother's Day!  You will be The Man!  Not only that, but you can do it for a low price - only $25.00 for your choice of these beautiful Heidi A. Heath Farms plants.

Learn Storytelling with Jerry Apps

Everyone around here knows Jerry Apps, at least his name, if not the man personally.  Well, we here at the Patterson are blessed to have Jerry as our guardian angel and benefactor. Jerry teaches a workshop up north in Door County on Telling Your Story, and he has asked to teach one here in Wild Rose for a couple of reasons: first, Jerry believes everyone has a story and that story is important. It is important to your family and to your family history.  Second, you are the only one who knows your personal histroy, so you have to be the one to save it!


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