Local History Audio

Wild Rose local history audio is provided to us from different sources. Some are files we've obtained and uploaded, others are external links, all are worth a listen!

Visit the following pages to hear local history audio not included on our website:

Otherwise, click play on the audio files provided below!

Title Date  
A. Daniel Davies and Henry Jeffers --
B. O. Webster 8-10-1960
Eliza Sage 1-21-1960
Everette Jones - The Funeral Business 5-12-1980
Elmer Jeffers 8-11-1959
Fannie E. Pierce, Jessie and Milford Etheridge --
Gymanfa Ganu Evening Program 1977
Harold Attoe Railroad May 1979
Ingwald Thompson, Andrew Thompson, and Ida Chrsitinson 4-10-1960
Interview with old timers 4-24-1957
John and Lewis Protheroe 8-31-1957
John Protheroe - Bank Robbery --
Lewis Protheroe - Horse Trading --
Wild Rose Library Dedication --