March - In Like A Lion!

Gosh how the time flies!

LIBRARY PHONES - Kent apologizes profusely to everyone - including staff!  I tried to do something new to have phones we can actually retrieve messages on, and have the ability to send faxes from desktops, etc.  THe bottom line is, our internet is provided by Badgernet, and they are behind the times when it comes to using the internet with a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system, so we are in the process of getting Spectrum to rewire and set up another phone system.  Of course, there was an FCC waiting period for porting the old numbers over to Spectrum, so March 7, we get our new lines!  Hopefully, soon after we will have phones that once again work!  (I'm of hoping for that day!)

HOME DELIVERY-  If you would like your selections delivered to your home, please shoot us an email:, We will do our best to get them out the same day!

Summer Reading is coming!  We have some really fun acts booked so far for the performances on Thursday Afternoons at 3pm.  STEAM programs will be on Tuesdays at 3pm.