FUN-draising Made Easy!

Times change and we must change with them!  I'm sorry to announce that our Annual Christmas Treasure Sale has ceased to exist - however...

We are having a No Bake - Bake Sale (Look for the email and Facebook Announcement soon!), and the Friends of the Patterson Memorial Library are holding a Bath Boms FUN-draiser, Saturday, December 9 from 1030am to Noon!  All proceeds go to support library programs!

Please sign up by coming in to the library or calling us at 920-622-3835!

Speaking of new things - did you see our new sign?  With donations from the community and specifically John Wilcox, Dand and Rebecca Mielke and The Friends of The Patterson Memorial Library, we were able to replace our 37 year old sign with a brand new, bright and bold sign!

Thank you for supporting Your Library!

Bath Bombs Fundraiser