Public Libraries Need Your Help!

Well, looks like the ol' Snowfall Prognosticator was just a hair off - we are now up to 37 snowfalls - that's a BONUS of 2 Snowfalls over the Prognosticator's 35!

How you can support your public library (us):

What we are faced with this year is another budget challenge for our system and all public library systems.  Each year, by state statute, library systems through the DPI are required to ask for 13% of theier budgets from the statae.  Last time, the budget was cut by 10% and this year's budget was flat to that amount.

Here's what that means:  Winnefox and the other systems do an enormous amount for us, especially small libraries.  without their help and guidance we could not begin to do what we do now.

General Assistance and consultation

Continuing Education

Inter Library Loan

Summer Reading Program Support

Technical Services

Printing and Graphics

Shared Catalog


I urge you to write your State Senator and Assemblyman, ask them to increase the library system portion of the budget by 10% to recap the loss two years ago.

If you don't act to help save the system - we may lose important services.