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Welcome to the Friends of the Patterson Memorial Library (FPML)!  Check out our new page on Facebook!

Our group of dedicated supporters help the library by hosting 2 huge sales every year - The Christmas Sale in November (always opening day of gun season), and the Mother's Day Plant, Book and Bake Sale (always the Saturday before Mother's day)!  These two fundraisers help the library to buy equipment, pay for books and performers for the Summer Reading Program, and other necessary items for the library.  Joining is easy!  We have dues of $1, so come to a meeting (there are only 4 per year) and join up!  Contact the library for more information.

Friends of the Library

Jerry Apps

The Friends of The Patterson Memorial Library have a wonderful selection of Jerry Apps'  and other Local Authors' works in stock, ready to drop by and pick up, or order via phone, mail or email!  Unfortunately at this time (but hopefully not much longer), we cannot take credit card orders, so you'll have to send us a check, money order or (if you have to) cash for your books and DVDs!  We generally are able to send the merchandise out the day we receive your order, except Saturdays, when it will have to wait until Monday!

Every item we sell has been signed by the authors, this includes  Michael Perry, Susie Apps Bodily and Ray Kaquatosh - aka Lone Wolf, and of course Jerry Apps!  As Jerry says, "my signature adds two bits to the value!"  He may think that, but we think it helps make these items extra special and priceless!

Here is the pricelist for all of our signed items:

In House Price   PRICE                                            SHIPPING INCLUDED (to one location)  Price

The Land with Jerry Apps DVD   $20.00   (OOS)               The Land with Jerry Apps  $25.00 (temporarily out)

The Land/Whispers and Shadows  $43.00             The Land/Whispers and Shadows  $48.00
A Farm Story DVD   $20.00                                      A Farm Story DVD   $25.00
A Farm Story/Limping Through Life   $43.00         A Farm Story/Limping through Life   $48.00
A Farm Winter DVD   $20.00                                    A Farm Winter DVD   $25.00
A Farm Winter/Quiet Season   $43..00                    A Farm Winter/Quiet Season   $48.00

Choose any 2 DVD Bundle  35.00                             Chose any 2 DVD Bundle $45.00 

Get any 3 DVDs Bundle  $55.00                                 Get any 3 DVDs Bundle - $65.00 - Reduced shipping! (to one address)

Roshara Journal by Steve & Jerry Apps $30.00     Roshara Journal by Steve and Jerry Apps  $37.00

Barns   $30.00                                                           Barns   $37.00
Campfires and Loon Calls   $16.00                         Campfires and Loon Calls   $23.00
Caspar Jaggi   $13.00                                               Casper Jaggi   $18.00
Garden Wisdom   $27.00                                          Garden Wisdom   $34.00
Horse Drawn Days   $25.00                                      Horse Drawn Days   $30.00
In a Pickle   $21.00                                                    In a Pickle   $28.00

Letters From Hillside Farm   $13.00                          Letters From Hillside Farm   $18.00
Limping Through Life   $23.00                                  Limping Through Life   $28.00
Old Farm (Softcover)   $25.00                                  Old Farm (Softcover)   $32.00
The Quiet Season   $23.00                                      The Quiet Season   $30.00
Tamarack River Ghost   $27.00                                Tamarack River Ghost   $34.00
Tents, Tigers & Ringling Brothers   $13.00               Tents, Tigers and Ringling Brothers   $20.00
Cheese   $19.00                                                       Cheese   $26.00
Travels of Increase Joseph   $18.00                         Travels of Increase Joseph   $25.00
Breweries   $30.00                                                   Breweries    $37.00

Whispers and Shadows $23.00                                Whispers and Shadows  $28.00

By  Susan Apps-Bodily
One Room Country Schools  $20.00                        One Room Country Schools   $27.00

By Erin Kant Barnard

2022 WLA Children's Outstanding Book Award Winner! 

- Rhino & Dino in: Juice  $18.00                                 Rhino& Dino in: Juice!  $23.00

- Rhino & Dino in: Lemonade $18.00                          Rhino & Dino in: Lemonade!  $23.00

Or both for $35.00  in house pick-up or $40.00 for both shipped to one address

By Michael Perry
From The Top     $16.00                                           From the Top          $ 23.00

By Ray Kaquatosh
Little Hawk and the Lone Wolf    $22.00                  Little Hawk and the Lone Wolf    $29.00

We do have a credit card strip reader, but it can only be used if the card is here in the library, sorry for the inconvenience!


Thanks for you support of our little library!