A Universe of Stories!

It's that time again!  Summer!  Well, it's coming...

This year's Summer Learning Program at the library is entitled "A  Universe of Stories", and do we have some great things planned!

From out of this world performers, to awesome STEAM projects to the extra special LunarPalooza on July 16th - the library is the place to be this summer!

What is LunarPalooza?

This year is the 50th Anniversary of the lunar landing.  On July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 delivered the Eagle, the lunar lander to the moon.  I rember so vividly watching the tense moments as the Eagle descended, avoiding large boulders, and touched down safely on the moon.   I think every kid in school stayed up to watch the landing, then see Neil Armstrong step down onto the moon.  One kid I new actually took a poaroid of the tv!  One of those moments when histroy was made!

So in honor of the landing and the subsequent moonwalk, on Tuesday, July 16 The Patterson Memorial Library,  with some assistance from staff at the Wautoma Public Library are holding LunarPalooza - 14 different stations of fun and games starting at 3pm!

You'll be able to:

Build a straw Rocket ship

Whack an Alien

Navigate through String Theory

Complete a Scavenger Hunt

Launchy a Water bottle rocket (weather permitting

Get your picture taken on the Moon!

and many more!

There will also be Fun Space themed candy and everyone will be given an astronaut training card to get stamped at each station.


If July 16 doesn't work for you, the Wautoma Public Library will be holding their LunarPalooza on July 11!