Coming to your email-box

A while ago, (this is what people say when they reach a certain age and cannot remember exactly how long ago), we made Nina Skweres our social media maven, and she has done exceptionally well.  We've learned a lot and Nina is quite adept at getting our stories out there on Facebook and Instagram. One of our fun ways to connect with our stakeholders (that's YOU!), is to create a newsletter and send it via email, using Constant Contact, which we are able to use at a reduced rate through the Winnefox Library System.

We have sent out a couple of test Newsletters, and now we are ready to get them on a schedule.  We're going to try and keep these to every quarter, but if there is something exciting going on (Bath Bombs, cooking for two, etc.), you might get an extra one.  (Lucky You!)  The goal is to keep you informed fo the great things going on at your library, without becoming a bother!

So keep an eye out for our newsletter, and if you are not signed up with an email address, let us know, and we'll get you on the mailing list. Likewise if it's too much, there is a way to unsubscribe from the mailings when you get your newsletter. (but please don't - give us a chance!)

There will be some fun coming up:  the return of the ever-popular bath bombs; a halloweeen presentation of scary stuff, cooking, using your air fryer, using your instant pot, making tamales etc.

We are in the process of working with Jennifer Culver to bring T'ai Chi and Yoga to Wild Rose,  contact me directly to find out the scoop.  This is exciting!!!