Bookworm Scholarship!

I just received an email from Drol Liebenthal, the CEO of is a student debt elimination organization, that hopes to help eliminate student debt through scholarships and philanthropy.  The have a platform that will allow philanthropic individuals to set up a scholarship in just a few minutes, and be able to pinpoint those students they want to help.

The interesting thing is that Dror Liebenthal, the CEO, offers a sholarship of his own, open to anyone, this is his email:

"I’m writing because I would love to share our Bookworm Scholarship with Patterson Memorial Library members. We are awarding $1,000 in scholarship funding to current students at any education level who shape their goals and worldviews through the books they read.

If our scholarship is a good fit for any Patterson Memorial Library members, we would be honored if you could share the award on your site here:

You can find more information about our scholarship award here:

Our scholarship is called The Bookworm Scholarship, and it supports avid readers of any book genre. Students at any educational level high school and above are eligible. Applicants must only be bookworms whose ambitions have been strongly influenced by the books they read. While not required, working or volunteering at libraries, organizing book clubs, or engaging with the literary community in other ways will be a plus on student applications.

We are incredibly proud to support book lovers, and we would be thrilled to receive applications from Patterson Memorial Library members."

So the wording is a bit funny, but I checked, and this seems legitimate. USE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT!   I CANNOT GUARANTEE THE SCHOLARSHIP.        i do think it would be pretty nice to win $1000.00 just for writing about how a book or set of books changed your life!  So if you're a student - and I'm not sure how student is defined - maybe give it a whirl!