Winter is coming

Ok, Winter is sort-of here!  Our snowfall prognosticator has foretold the coming of 31 snowfalls (same as last year!), and to Date we've already had 10!  Last year we ended up at exactly 31 - so let's see how close we get this year!

Those of you who watch Game of Thrones know the title line above. Season 8 has been released and we have both BluRay and DVD versions.  Please put it on hold so you're in line to check it out!

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We have a few things going on:

Gifts in a jar - Sugar Scrubs! on Thursday, December 12 at 6pm.

On December 16, the next Monday at 6pm, we're hosting Cooking for 1 or 2, a program by the UWEX to hyelp you plan for smaller meals that taste great!

Our very first Escape Room - Help Save Christmas - will be on Friday, December 20 from 4-9pm.  This is an escape room designed for families, so gather up at least 4 family members and friends, make a team and register at the library.   Each team will have 30 minutes to complete the escape room before Christmas is cancelled!

The library will close early on Christmas Eve - at 2pm and will be closed Christmas Day.  We'll also be closed on New Year's Day, but open regular hours  New Year's Eve.

Whatever Holiday you celebrate (or don't, you old Grinch!), we hope it's Merrry, fun and filled with pleasant family memories!

(Warning shameless promotion ahead!)

If you still need that perfect gift for anyone of any age - Copies of "Mom Needs a Dinosaur" by Kent and Erin Barnard are for sale at the library!