Holidays- skating and some thoughts

Merry Christmas to you and yours and may the year ahead be full of joy, love and be fruitful for everyone!

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Skating thoughts

I just opened the blinds in my office and I can watch the kids skating, or just sliding in their boots on the new ice rink.  It reminds me of skating when I was a kid, which we did on a small slough by the lake. We had a real warming house, with a pot bellied wood burning stove, but I believe ther was an attendant who kept it going.  I was old enough to go on dates - but too young to drive, so I had to rely on my older brother or my mom to take my date and I to the lake (it was in North Menomonie!).

I remember going around in circles in the cold night air, enjoying some lucky girl's company, then going into the warming house and sitting by the stove, drying mittens and sneaking in a hug or a peck on the cheek - but mostly I remember my ankles being wobbly, and that I had figure skates not hockey skates. It was the kind of skates my Mom found on sale, I think, and we didn't care, we had skates!

Not that I wanted to play hockey, I didn't know anything about it - we didn't watch sports in our house.  I like watching the Wide World of Sports and I liked watching figure skaters - I still do!  It amazes me the things people can do on skates that I could never do on 'dry land!'  I just never skated or knew how to do any of those things - I remember learning to turn and skate backwards - for about 2 feet!  Unfortunately the lake ice never gets a nice Zamboni cleaning and sanding!

But back to the new Wild Rose Ice Sating RInk.  The little rink gets used everyday, and the kids really like it.  Whether or not they can learn to clean up the loaner skates and keep the warming house neat is another question!  I've told them they need to put things back, or there might not be an ice rink next year - or even the rest of this year!  Then I remember when I was a kid.  (and my staff remembers what my office loooks like!), and I know it will take someone else to make that happen!

They love it and props to Waushara County Citizen of the Year Tara Anderson who attended many meetings of the Village Board to get this wonderful asset to the village approved!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!  Skaters on your marks!