Lots of Online Resources for you to use!

Hi Everyone!

Well, it's certainly been an interesting week to say the least!  These are unique times, but I'm proud of everyone in the community for responding to the pandemic the way we have here!  I am so proud of the reponse by our Library Board and Village Administration, who pushed forward to help ensure the safety of the public.  Sometimes, it's good to be small and be able to move quickly, ask Mercury Morris!

Of course there are young hearts broken:  My heart goes out to the cast and crew members of the school play, who worked so hard and will not get to perform their craft.  Likewise to the studentsa around the state that won't get a chance to be State Champions, or in some cases, even go to State.

However different, life goes on, and there a re a lot of free online resources being made available through the library, or by following links:  Due to the unknown, please be aware that these could change at any time - could even be extended.

Click on the Research Tab to find these

Tumble Books 

Newspaper Archive Data Base

Ancestry Access

We've started doing a a lot of LiveStreaming on Facebook:  Everyday at 10:30 Join us for Morning Read!  Mr. Kent and Mrs. Erin will read picture books Monday -Friday (Wednesday at 10:30 will still be Storytime At Home! with Mr. Kent.  At 3pm Mr Kent will do an Afternoon Read.  This is a longer chapter book and I will read about 30 pages or so, which take s about 45 minutes!  These videos are recorded and available at the Patterson Memorial Library Facebook page.  Just click on Videos on the left!

There are lots more things available - ABDO has classes online and ABC Mouse will be free for 30 or 60 days.  Check out our Facebook page for more information!

So, I'll "see" you online - tune in for some interesting reads!