Summer Reading Challenge!

It is on!  The Summer Reading Challenge has begun and it's not just for kids!  We have a challenge for ALL GRADE LEVELS and, new this year, ADULTS!!!

Stop in for a challenge form, which you'll keep for the entire summer - no need to come in each week and pick up a form! Return your form to the library (in the drop box please) efore Monday, August 3.  Adults - pick up your Book Bingo form!

Register online here:

Or by these age/grade level links (the grade you will be in this coming school year!):






There will be one winner per age/grade, and those winners will be drawn Thursday, August 6!  If we are able to have a End of Summer Reading Picnic, we'll shoot for that day!


In other news, the number of cases of Covid-19 more than doubled last week (today is 6-16) in Waushara County.  We are keeping our restriction that you must wear a mask in the library.  While a mask is not 100% effective against transmitting the virus, they are 50-80% more effective than not wearing one at all!  A mask will help stop the large particles from hitting others.

Remember the virus is spread through the eyes, nose and mouth.  Stay safe and help slow the spread of the virus - wear a mask, practice social distancing, and limit or combine your trips.