What a year!

As I write this, the library is once again open with our "Covid-19 Hours", meaning the doors are open to the vestibule from 10am-6pm to pick up holds and the library itself is open from 11am to 5pm for borwsing (use your eyes please!), faxes, computer use, copies, etc.  Everyone is required to wear a mask.  Yes, we know some people don't like masks or don't believe in them, even though there are numersous studies and scientific evidence to support the wearing of masks.  The possibility of transmitting the virus with both people wearing a mask is very small.

If you can't wear a mask, or would prefer not to, that's ok, however, you are not allowed in the building. We will do everything in our power to help you find materials, send faxes, make copies, etc.  We WILL help you - safely.  Just give us a call or email wrplstaff@wildroselibrary.org

I am just now recovering from the virus.  My wife and I somehow caught it (and we will never know how, but we suspect it was from shopping in a store where some people were unmasked.), and we spent 3 weeks quarantining, until we felt better, with very minor sysmptoms.  My first day back at work, I  worked a full day, the fatigue catching up to me.  That night, as tired as I was, I once again couldn't fall asleep (another lovely part of the virus is sleeplessness), until 3am.   The same thing last night.  So even though we feel better - we aren't truly recovered, that will take months.

The good news is that we are not supposed to be contagious.  We got a second test after our first 14 days, which was positive.  The nurse that called my wife to tell her, simply told her that, and to quarantine.  The nurse that called me asked me why I got a second test.  I told her it was to ensure we were negative, that it was what we thought we should do to be careful.  She told me that after 10 days of your first test, you are no longer contagious.  We might test positive for 3 months or longer!  I was told that once the symptoms were gone, and we felt better, we should return to work.

So I'm here!  We will probably start Storytime and the Morning Read again next week - November 16, as long as we feel ok to do it.  It is a longer road to recovery than we thought, but we miss everyone so much, and everyone has been so thoughtful.

Thank you!  Stay Safe and wear a mask!