Storytime is back! Summer is coming!

  Storytime is back!  Summer is coming!

Ok, Storytime has been online and virtual for over a year,( except when Mr. Kent and Mrs. Erin both got covid), but we haven't been in-person! (You can now watch our shows on YouTube!)  Beginning on Wednesday, May 5 at 10:30 - Mr. Kent's Storytime will be live again at the library! 

There are a few caveats - if you are planning on coming, please be respectful of others attending. 

1.  If you or your child has any kind of respiratory ailments - coughing, sneezing, high fever - PLEASE Stay at thome!  We want this to be safe and fun for everyone! 

2. We are also still requiring masks on adults and children 4 and up.  Although the numbers have dropped (thankfully) in significant numbers, what we don't want is to be the cause of a new upswing. 

3. We will be practicing Social distancing - families should be 3 feet apart from other families.

We really can't wait to have our little friends back!  It has been a very long year!


Summer Reading-  We will have sign-ups for Summer Reading online using Beanstack and in-person beginnning June 7!

Using Beanstack, you can log your reading minutes, or if you are a teen or adult, by number of books read.  For each level completed each week, you will earn a ticket which you will pick up at the library and place in the box which corresponds to the prize you'd like!

When you come into the library to turn in your reading log, you will follow the same procedure!

I'm not revealing the prizes yet!  But they will be awesome!


Speaking of Awesome...

We will be having summer performers on Thursdays with most shows at 2pm.  Shows will either be in the Wild Rose Community Center or at Roberts Park.  The Location will be posted by noon Thursday at the Library and online at Facebook!

The Same procedures as for Storytime for social distancing and masks will be in effect for the Community Center, and Social Distancing will be in effect at Roberts Park!

I hate to say this, but...

Those who refuse to play by the rules will be asked to leave, and the show will not go on until everyone is safely seated, (masked as applicable) and distanced!  PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE AND MINDFUL OF OTHERS!