February is upon us!  As of this writing we have 7 snowfalls left!  We only had 24, a pretty small number as wer are normally forecast in the 30's.  And we  haven't had any large snowfalls!  What have we had?

COLD!  We have had a few very cold January mornings!  I mention this not because it is reinforcing my desire to one day retire to a warmer climate.. but because the Patterson Memorial Library policy is to be closed when the Wild Rose School District closes due to winter weather.  What we have decided is that that really applies to snow and we will make every effort to open when the temperatures drip so we can serve as a warming spot in the county for those whose heat is a problem. 

Unattended children - Parents please be aware that while we love to have children come to the library, the library staff is not here to baby-sit.  Please talk to me directly if there is a need for your child to be out of the cold, and we can work something out.  I'm happy to help!

One day soon you will receive an email of the February happenings at the library.  I'm still working out a few details.  There will be some pretty cool things going on, and some really cool and fun Boredom Busters for the kids (and adults) to make!

Stay tuned!