Summer Reading Begins!


It is that time of the year that Librarians love - Summer Reading!   An Ocean of Possibilities Awaits!

We love it, because we get to see all of our little friends come into the library and have a great time picking out books, looking at prizes, watching performers and creating at STEAM programs! 

First - Come in and sign up for the SRP! 

Second - We'll give you an octopus to put your name on and then you put it on the big board! 

Third- You'll also get a reading entry form.  Every week, do what you have to do per the instructions for your age group.  Print your name as legibly as possible with your phone number on the entry form and drop it  in the box that corresponds to the prize you'd like to win.  No Cheating!  Please do everything on the list! Yes, you can do more! 

Fourth - We are planning an end of the Summer Reading Program Picnic, however, I am having rotator cuff surgery, so it may be that we just gather at the library and give out the prizes (I will definitely NOT be able to be in the water fight!).

Our Summer Performers will be doing their shows on Tuesday Mornings at 10am and our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Programs will be Thursdays at 2pm - mostly at the Community Center, but our first program, June 9, will be at Roberts Park, as we welcome Danielle from Hoop Elation to Wild Rose!  Hula hooping is a great exercise that anyone can do (well, not me...).  ALL AGES ARE WELCOME!

Pick up Schedules at the Library or click on our Calendar link above!

Come and share in an Underwater Adventure at your Library!