In the Good Old Summertime! 150 Years Young!

TIme has flown - it is June!  It is also the 150th Anniversary of Wild Rose!  It is our Sesquicentennial (I love that word!)

Important Dates: 

June 5 - Sign up week for the Summer Reading Program

Thursday, June 15, 3pm  Magic Morgan & Liliana!  Our first performers!  They are a deaf couple from Delavan - and super nice!

Tuesday, June 20, 2pm STEAM begins with sky-high fun - Water bottle rockets!  A crowd pleaser every year!  (If you have any 1 or  2 Liter pop bottles, please bring one or two - ours are getting old!

Winter is Coming...

Winter is coming.  It is inevitable, like death and taxes.

Stay tuned - we'll be putting some programs together, programs the whole family can come to and enjoy!  We'll do some old favorites like bath bombs, hot cocoa, soup mix, etc.

We have some new ones in mind too, and perhaps a cooking or baking program.

So stay tuned for more free programs at your library paid for by the Friends of the Library and Donations.


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