Your Good Neighbor - Right Here in the Heart of the Village!

Howdy neighbor!  Welcome to the library and come on in!  How are the roads? Cold enough for you?  Now, some folks think this is a stupid question,  I mean, it is Winter in WISCONSIN!  But we know it can always get colder...  Which reminds me, the magical mystical snowfall prognosticator has only 1 snowfall left for this winter!  (As of 3-11-13)

If you read the last blog, you read about the way the tiny Village of Wild Rose took it upon themselves to create a library - knowing that the library is the focal point of a community - a social gathering place - the heart of the community - the third place.  Here we have more than just books and materials - we have the heartbeat of Wild Rose.  Information is our specialty, and we appreciate your sharing your news with us, so we can let others who care about you know if you're hurting, or ill.

It's called being a good neighbor, looking out for one another. Caring about each other.  I have met so many folks, and I care about each and every one of you - it's the way I was brought up, and the way most of you were brought up, too.  Now, I've lived in the big city for awhile and I've lost some of that interest in my fellow man, but let me tell you, it's comin' back! 

We are interested in each other's lives, because we depend on each other- as well we should.  I have never (NEVER) lived in a community that was , well such a COMMUNITY!  Rest assured, if you are in need, folks will help out.  As Jerry Apps said in his film Jerry Apps: A Farm Life,  "we helped, because we knew that they would help us.  That's just the way it was."  Let me tell you, that's just the way it is.  No past tense.  We need each other.

Maybe you don't believe me.  Look around.  I met a young man at Kiwanis this morning who exemplified the small town spirit - that sense of belonging.  His name is Brandon Wood.  He gave a talk about himself, because he's going to college.  One thing Brandon said touched all of us there - you could feel it.  After talking about his volunteer work (of which he has done a ton), he said "I love being able to help in the community.  The feeling I get when I know I have helped someone is probably what someone feels like when they win the lottery..."

I feel like I've won the lottery by finding this position, moving here and meeting everyone.  I can feel the strength of this community under the surface just waiting to erupt and recover past glory.  The new and improved Wild Rose Days this July will surely bring out the best in all of us. 

When your neighbor comes to call for help, I know you'll answer the door. 


-Just watch out for zombies.  Just sayin'.