The one constant in life - CHANGE!


No sooner did I post this, than Winnefox sent out a notice that all due dates have bn changed once agin!  Materials are not due until May 1st, and holds have been suspended until April 25 - meaning if you put a hold on in-library materials, that hold won't be active in the system until April 25.  We are hoping that the quarantine will be over by then, and that we can return to (more) normal operations!  In the meantime - please practice social distancing and stay safe and healthy!


1. PLEASE, once you drop an itme in, open it again to make sure it hasn't gotten stuck.  Sometimes items get stuck because there are holes relatively large holes that I think are to drain water cut in the drop slide.  PLEASE PLACE ITEMS BINDING SIDE IN FIRST - this will help avoid getting stuck and ripping or tearing pages.

2.  DO NOT LEAVE ANY ITEMS ON THE GROUND BY THE DROP!  Although I check it each day, you are still responsible for the items, and while we don't have fines, we do charge you to repalce lost/ruined/stolen/etc.  materials.

Be sure and check out the Research Tab above on our site!  There are links to hundreds of things, and more are added each day!

We are still wiping everything down and airing out materials.

Together we will get through this! 

Village of Wild Rose:

Lindsey Inda, our VIllage Clerk is also working reduced hours.   The Village is asking that you send her email regarding any business with the Village.