A New Year!

Welcome to 2021!  Ok, a belated welcome, however, with the new year come new opportunities!

Although we are still observing our Covid-19 precautions, the library is open from 11-5 weekdays and 10-1 weekends,  so come in!  We require a mask, for your safety as well as ours.

Our Wi-Fi is on 24/7 and has been upgraded, so it is supposed to be faster, however, please remember when using it that you are on a shared network, and our speeds may be slower, especially on downloading items.  Remember that our staff, while pretty good about electronics are not experts, not on our equipment and certainly not on yours!  We will do our best to assist you, however your patience is appreciated. 

We're going to be putting Escape Rooms online here and on FaceBook  about twice each month - we'll try to post two at a time - a harder one and an easier one.  If you tried the December Escape Room and found it hard (as I did!), remember that we will have clues at the library - you can call or stop by to see the clues.

Some tips on the Escape Rooms:

1.  Pay attention to the clue, read it a few times.

2.  Details - look at details.  In December, the colors of the snomen's scarves, the number of buttons, etc. all played a part in some of the clues.

Please support your library by bringing your children in to check out materials and by coming in yourself!

That's all for now!