Your library needs your support

It's budget time, usually not the most fun, but also not bad - usually.

This year is different. The County Administrator, Robert Sivick, did not include an increase in the county budget for YOUR 8 Waushara County libraries. Because bills from libraries in neighboring counties (I'll explain in a minute), increased, your libraries will get a budget cut next year of $5344 split between us.

Coming to your email-box

A while ago, (this is what people say when they reach a certain age and cannot remember exactly how long ago), we made Nina Skweres our social media maven, and she has done exceptionally well.  We've learned a lot and Nina is quite adept at getting our stories out there on Facebook and Instagram. One of our fun ways to connect with our stakeholders (that's YOU!), is to create a newsletter and send it via email, using Constant Contact, which we are able to use at a reduced rate through the Winnefox Library System.


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