Winter is coming

Ok, Winter is sort-of here!  Our snowfall prognosticator has foretold the coming of 31 snowfalls (same as last year!), and to Date we've already had 10!  Last year we ended up at exactly 31 - so let's see how close we get this year!

Those of you who watch Game of Thrones know the title line above. Season 8 has been released and we have both BluRay and DVD versions.  Please put it on hold so you're in line to check it out!

Bookworm Scholarship!

I just received an email from Drol Liebenthal, the CEO of is a student debt elimination organization, that hopes to help eliminate student debt through scholarships and philanthropy.  The have a platform that will allow philanthropic individuals to set up a scholarship in just a few minutes, and be able to pinpoint those students they want to help.

The interesting thing is that Dror Liebenthal, the CEO, offers a sholarship of his own, open to anyone, this is his email:


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