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3D Printing and Scanning at your library! SOON!

It's Here!

Thanks to the members of the Friends of the Patterson Memorial Library, we were able to purchase a 3D printer and a 3D scanner!  This equipment will allow you to come to the library, download a file from the internet, or scan something (say a part for your car), and scan it or send the file to the 3D printer, which will then create a copy using whichever filament you choose. 

We are pretty close to having the printer calibrated - but it's not quite there yet -soon!

There are a few rules:

Lots going on, get in on the fun!

Well, last week's storm sure put a dent in the first week of the Summer Reading Program!  But we're back!  Here's what's happening:  We had a bit of a flub with the invisible ink today - needed to let the paper dry!  We also needed higher heat than the hair dryer!  When I took the dried message and put it in the oven at 400F, it worked great!  We had some fun with the cipher wheels,

Storytime tomorrow at 1030 - there'll be a fun project to take outside and run with


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