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Autumn is beginning - October Events are Set!

Autumn approaches and in some spots has begun, we see a few trees beginning to change, and there is the crisp scent of Autumn in the air!

October brings evnts and programs! (all programs except women in Jazz will be live and in person at the Wild ROse COmmmnutiy

October 7 - 7pm  Let's Get Cracking!  Wisconsin Hickory Nut Association will present a program on Hickory Trees and Wisconsin! You'll learn about the amazing Hickory and all it gives us!  You'll also get to crack open Hickory nuts and eat them!

Back to School - Soon!

Another Summer is ALMOST Over!

But the fun isn't over yet! 

Each week on Wednesdays in August, Mrs. Erin, Me and our Friends will be doing Virtual Storytimes!  10:30am on Wednesday August 11, 18 and 25!  Storytimes will be put up on FaceBook and our Youtube  Channel (as long as technology cooperates!)

Keep your eyes peeled (as my Dad always said) for some Pop-up Take & Make Art!  We'll post it on FaceBook - then it's First Come First Served as we have a lmited number created for you to create!

Summer Reading has begun! YAY!!!!!

It's Summer, and the Summer Reading Program has begun!  Stop the Summer Slide and read!

PLUS+++ Tuesdays at 2pm we have STEAM projects - Funucational stuff!   H2O bottle rockets, UV bracelets, Catapults, Break-in bags... at the Community Center!

PLUS+++++ Thursdays at 2pm Performers (and a double feature on July 8!) Magic, Animals, Colossal Fossils, Puppets - great stuff to see - At the Community Center!

Stop in, sign up and get a free book!


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